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Directors Goal:

Since my very first professional job as an actor in a 1976 national tour of Godspell I have believed in the transformational quality of theatre. I really do beleve  theatre can be life changing...if only for the few hours that the play is being performed. To be able to transform or transport an audience to a place far removed from the stresses, complications and sometimes rigorous and even mundane activities of our day is truly a joy. And then to do work that might even change someones life beyond those few hours in the theatre seats is for me, and I hope the performers themselves transformative. 

I am a story teller.

Ultimately the work serves to reveal the story we are telling. But the most important part of this process is the journey for the actor.


Truth, honesty and authenticity in our work is first.


Collaboration is key.


I believe that a safe, creative environment where actors are encouraged to tap into the very deepest part of their imaginationis is critical.


I believe that embracing the darkest places in our hearts and minds is vital to truth telling.



Music plays a big part of every production I am a part of.

I believe music has a way of reaching into the very deepest places of our hearts. It needs no context or translation or even understandng for that matter. The sound alone immediatly moves you. You need not know where it is coming from or how it is being produced. Music is to the heart via the ears what wind is to the flesh  You can't see it but it's effect is immediate and mostly soothing.


When all these things are in concert together the result is a collective experience that can be life changing.


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