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Hi. Thanks for visiing my web site. I appologze for any errors. It's continues to be a work in progress.

After a bout of health issues, detached retina's, yes retinas, two of them it's back to work.

And I am back with renewed energy and enthusiasm and a whole slew of projects on the hunt for a home to inhabit.

A few short weeks ago I closed a very successful production of 1776 at La Mirada and Soraya Perf. Ctr. And All My Sons that I directed opened last week for a six week run. An early review sounds like we may have a hit on our hands. See my Gallery for pic's of my talented cast.

I have two plays I am pitching to regional theatres for future mounting. Stay tuned. 


Check out my Current Projects for more info and...



Below you will find a link to my play Personal Effects. Just click on the DOCX box to download. 


See you at the theatre


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